Zen Parenting Radio

Next Tuesday, January 4


, my husband and I begin a new journey together as co-hosts of Zen Parenting Radio on Pagatim.fm.

Why do we call it Zen Parenting? “Zen” has many different definitions and interpretations, but the one that really resonates with us is enlightenment through self contemplation and intuition.

Take care of yourself, know yourself, realize you are wise and have the capacity to do great things, and respect and appreciate the people around you.

These are the roots of great parenting, and these are the roots of a great life ( click here to read my article, Zen Parenting, from the November 2010 issue of Chicago Parent….).

So while Todd and I live a very real life with typical ups and downs, we also strive for self awareness, to parent our girls in a loving, accepting, and conscious way.

But we approach life and parenting from different angles – I tend to focus on the emotional and spiritual experiences – I have a deep curiosity and appreciation for the grand design of the universe.

Sometimes I am a little much for my practical husband. He has a deep side, but his daily experience is a lot more logical – he’s a facts and bullet points kind of guy.

But neither of us is right or wrong, we are just different. Together we work very hard to hear each other and respect each other’s world view.

Of course, this isn’t always easy – sometimes I think Todd is way too stuck in his head and he thinks I am stuck in outer space, but that’s what makes our lives interesting – we know we are here to learn from each other.

And isn’t that why we are all here? To teach and learn from each other? To have and share experiences that guide us to our true selves and a meaningful life? (if Todd was writing this he would simply say that we are here to enjoy life and raise our children to do the same….but that’s just semantics – same idea, different language…. )

That is why I am excited about this radio show – we get to share parenting tools, personal growth ideas, and hopefully start a conversation between couples….especially couples who view or say things differently but ultimately have the same desires for their family.

We don’t plan on telling you what to do and we don’t claim to have all the answers, but we will share what’s worked (or hasn’t worked) and what we find helpful and interesting.

So join us live every Tuesday at 4:30 on Pagatim.fm or listen at your convenience by going to the website – www.zenparentingradio.com or iTunes.

For updates you can “like” the Zen Parenting Radio Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @zenparenting. Comment or email to let us know what interests you or topics you think are important.

The whole month of January we will discuss Selfish Parenting…..I know, it sounds like a bad thing, but it can actually be good.

It’s not about disregarding others, it’s about making yourself a priority so you have more energy for others.

It’s about letting go of some of the things that drive you crazy so you can make room for the things you love.

It’s about letting go of martyrdom and taking responsibility for your life. If you feel full, you have more to offer your partner and children. If you are feeling love for yourself you will have more love to give.

Hey dads, this is not just for moms – you need to take care of yourself, too!

Sounds crazy, but being selfish can actually be a gift to your entire family – join us next Tuesday at 4:30 pm. and we will continue this conversation…

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