Chicago mom finds herself surrounded by peni – and on YouTube

As a mom, I am all too aware of the impact technology has on kids’ well-being and overall happiness. It seems that wherever there is Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, there is also cyberbullying. Given that I still have some power to limit my boys’ access to technology, our family talks regularly about the impact of cellphones and cameras on day-to-day life.

“Whatever you do out there, it can all be captured on film and put up on YouTube,” I tell them in my most serious cautionary tale mom voice.

“Like if we burp or something?”

“Yes or if you do anything embarrassing or say bad words. The cameras are EVERYWHERE.”

“And then we will be on YouTube?” the boys ask in solemn fear.

“Yes. YOUTUBE,” I respond with dramatic hand gestures and obvious disdain. “AND I will find out — and tell DADDY.”

These conversations have resulted in my kids thinking of YouTube as the ultimate parenting spy tool and virtual wasteland for kids-gone-wild videos.

Yet this month, I officially made my debut on the dreaded YouTube. There I am in all my risqué glory saying questionable things and embarrassing myself publicly. It’s right there in color for anyone to see (click to view):


Now to be fair, I knew in advance I was being filmed. I had agreed to take the stage in May’s Listen to Your Mother show. The event was an amazing experience, giving voice to motherhood everywhere. I strongly encourage everyone to check out the videos of the phenomenal Chicago cast as well as those from mothers around the country.

So what did I talk about? It starts with a “p” and ends in “enis.” It was as though I picked the one topic that would permanently embarrass my boys for years and years to come.


I’m totally on YouTube!

And I’ve been saving for their future therapy bills for years.

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