Yoga for Parents

Becoming a yoga teacher was not always a part of my career path, but after 10 years of practice I realized that yoga had become an unwavering support system – it kept me healthy and sane while allowing me to grow and change. I wanted to practice for myself, but I also wanted to share the experience with others.

The practice of yoga is a metaphor for a healthy life. Opening up into poses (releasing tension, letting go), breathing through discomfort (aligning breath with poses), discovering individuality (every body is different, every practice is different), viewing the world from a different perspective (literally, through headstands and handstands) and accepting what is (appreciating where you are right now in this moment).

These awarenesses have been especially helpful to me as a parent. I am challenged by the everyday demands of parenting and I use yoga to help me calm down, find clarity and embrace my present reality. This is not always easy, and this is why yoga is a “practice” – there is no perfection or ultimate enlightenment. Yoga just helps me move through life with a little more grace and a little less fear.

This Sunday, April 26


, I will combine my two loves – yoga and parent education – and teach a yoga workshop especially for parents at Elmhurst Yoga Shala. We will have an hour long yoga practice (beginners are welcome!) followed by an hour of parent education and discussion.

The yoga practice and discussion will revolve around self awareness, emotions, releasing guilt and worry, developing a trusting relationship with your children and discovering the joy in parenting. If you would like more information or if you are interested in registering, please click here.

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