Yellow, orange and white goodness

Most of us see it as a filler candy, the leftovers in every Halloween goody bag. Compared to the chocolatey, nutty or gooey treats that abound this time of year, candy corn is an old standby. It may seem old hat, but this pure sugary goodness in a tiny cone shape has a storied history that began well before your kids ever thought about buying Halloween costumes online…

75 percent of candy corn is produced annually for Halloween.

10/30 is the date of this year’s National Candy Corn Day. This year, celebrate and make Halloween twice as nice.

1898 was the first year candy corn was made in America.

3.57 calories are in each kernel. Believe it or not, a serving of candy corn has fewer calories than a serving of raisins.

4 rotations can be completed around the moon with the amount of candy corn produced annually.

35 millions of pounds of candy are produced each year in the U.S., about 10 pieces for each American.

4 basic ingredients make up candy corn: sugar, carnauba wax, honey and corn syrup.

8.3 billion pieces of candy corn are consumed per year.

24-48 hours are necessary when making a batch of candy corn, depending on the humidity of the factory.

Zeros The numbers that make up most of the nutrition facts on the back of a pack of candy corn, but you can expect about 115 mg. of sodium per serving. Hey, at least they’re fat free.

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