Chicago’s Wrigley Field is 100 this year and the Cubs have big plans

Wrigley Field will turn 100 this summer and the Chicago Cubs have planned a season-long party to celebrate the event.

The official birthday is April 23, which is when the biggest festivities will take place, says Alison Miller, senior director of marketing for the Cubs. “We’ll be dressed as the Chicago Federals, which played here then. The Arizona Diamondbacks are going to be the Kansas City Packers.”

Before the game begins that day, the Cubs are planning to bring back some former players including Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins, Miller says. “We’ll do some things during the game and have cake products to give away to the fans.”

During the season, each homestand will feature a different decade and include giveaways specific to the time period, such as the Babe Ruth “Called Shot” bobblehead for the 1930s or Cubs Rubik’s Cube toy for the 1980s. The food featured at the ballpark during that era will be sold as well.

“We’ll have family games on Sundays and wear throwback uniforms and retro games for the kids,” Miller says. “It’s been fun to work on and to see what it was like during the ‘20s and ‘30s.”

Tickets for the games and more information about the events planned are on the Cubs website at

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