A behind-the-scenes tour of Chicago’s Wrigley Field

If baseball is your family’s thing-or even if it’s not-you may want to put a Wrigley Field tour on your last-minute summer list.

See it yourself

Check out video of Donna Bozzo’s behind-the-scene tour on her website.

Wrigley makes the planning part easy-offering 75-minute tours on the hour most days during the season. You can buy tickets right on the Cubs website or at the ticket window for $25 a person.

Baseball is as American as apple pie. And Wrigley is as Chicago as it comes. So even if you’re not a baseball fan, you might enjoy learning more about the history of the country’s second oldest ballpark. I took my non-baseball playing daughters and here’s what we discovered:

You get your own tour guide-ours has been leading tours for 16 years-who walks and talks you through the history of the almost 100-year-old park. You’ll learn how the park started out, how the Wrigley family got involved, why they call ’em Bleacher Bums, and what they used to call the ballpark before naming it Wrigley Field.

We walked through the stands-terrific views of the empty field-sat in the bleachers and strolled through the visitors’ locker room that has hosted Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, even Elton John. We learned interesting tidbits like why the concession stands are tucked away at Wrigley, the back story behind the lights, and a cool story about how a visiting baseball player was able to save face on his wife’s birthday during the game.

We walked the stands, scored our own seat in the official press box, next to the organ-Wrigley Field was the first ballpark to bring one in, hung out in the dugout and capped off the tour right out on the field for some fantastic photo ops.

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