World welcomes 10/10/10 babies, Chicagoland has (at least) one

Something cool happened on Sunday: 10/10/10. It’s one of those not-actually-as-rare-as-it-seems flukes of the calendar that people get all excited about. Like when the odometer hits 343434 or when Michael decided to throw an 05/05/05 party on “The Office.”

But it was cool enough for the Chicago Marathon, likely the largest sporting event to have been held on an auspicious date since … the Beijing Olympics, which kicked off on 08/08/08. Well, no matter.

In addition to having been a prime day to run way too far, it seems to have been a lucky day to be born. About 400,000 people are born each day around the world; that’s a lot of 10/10/10 babies, and a lot of Perfect 10 news headlines.

But some 260 people are born each minute, and those newborns – the 10:10 10/10/10 babies – are apparently uber-lucky. Time Magazine was kind enough to find (predictably) 10 of them, labeling them“10 Babies to Watch.” If one of these kids wins the lottery in 18 years, I’ll be impressed.

Chicagoland had at least one, though sadlyNathaniel David Henze Milan of Naperville was left off of Time‘s list. Welcome to the world, Nathaniel.

But I’m waiting for the (11) babies of 11:11 11/11/11…God help any one of them that weighs in at 11 pounds, 11 ounces.

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