What the Dads think of the 10 things to stop saying to your kids list

Think you know how to raise your kids? Do you praise them with statements like, “Good Job!” and, “What a beautiful pictures!”? You get away from those poor children now you horrible monster! Shelley Phillips of has a list of 10 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids (and What to Say Instead). The Dads react.

WDP22: Words Words Words by ChicagoParent

A child comes into this world with their Damage Meter set to zero. With each parenting mistep, you move the needle from zero over towards the red zone. The worst part of it is, you didn’t even know how bad a job you were doing until this list came along! (Neither did Todd, Matt, and D.M.)

From “Good Job!” to “Good Girl!” to “What a Beautiful Picture!” to “Stop it Right Now, Ya Palooka, or I’ll Gives Ya What For!” – YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Who knew? Give a listen and find out what Shelley Phillips of wants you to say instead.

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