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Chicago native Aaron Caponigro and his 11-year-old son, Jacob, form the comedy duo UnRelated. They have been performing sketch comedy in and around the city and elsewhere in the Midwest for the past year and a half, but have known each other much longer than that.

Dad: Jacob, come in here please. We need to do our interview for Chicago Parent magazine.

Jacob: Aww, but I was going to call Stu for a sleepover.

Dad: Gotta do this first.

Jacob: But I have to call him now before he makes plans!

Dad: Tough bananas. You’ve put this off long enough.

Jacob: OK. I just need to save this game first.

(Several minutes pass)

Dad: Jacob get in here. We have a deadline!

Jacob: Coming! Right after I finish this text message.

Dad: Alright. Enough. What you are doing is called procrastination.

Jacob: I’ll never remember that.

Dad: Let’s start. Ask me a question.

Jacob: Can I call Stu?

Dad: A question for the interview.

Jacob: Fine. What’s your favorite TV show? Mine’s SpongeBob SquarePants.

Dad: I like 30 Rock. And SpongeBob SquarePants. What is one thing you want parents to know?

Jacob: Once your kid has outgrown a toy, you have to stop playing with it, too.

Dad: But Bob the Builder can fix anything!

Jacob: Yes he can. But I’d really like some new wallpaper. If you could be any Star Wars character who would you be? I’d be Chewbacca.

Dad: I’m a Yoda.

Jacob: What’s your favorite toy? Mine’s LEGOs.

Dad: I’m partial to my Foosball table. Your questions are like a fifth-grader’s! Here, ask these.

Jacob: How has being a parent changed you?

Dad: I never used to talk to myself this much. And I give out more time-outs now. What’s something you like to do with your dad besides performing?

Jacob: I like when we read together and do the voices of the characters. What is something you wish to teach your child, errr, me?

Dad: Calculus. But I have to learn it first. What is something you wish to teach your future child?

Jacob: Never tickle a badger. Especially when they are hungry. They hate that.

Dad: What is the best lesson you have learned in your life so far?

Jacob: Never tickle a hungry badger.

Dad: Jacob, that’s not a real lesson.

Jacob: So I should tickle a badger?

Dad: Jacob, there IS NO BADGER! That was a story I made up when you were 3 so you would be quiet in the car. Try again, best lesson?

Jacob: Grown-up questions are boring.

Dad: One more time.

Jacob: I don’t know. Something about procrasti-something.

Dad: Procrastination. See? You remembered. Ask me one more question and the interview is over.

Jacob: Can I call Stu now?

More on this father-son team and their upcoming performances can be found at

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