Word up

Spelling bees have grown in popularity recently, but what about a contest where you have to know the definition of the word, too? The first-ever Word Cup, produced by eSpindle Learning and Oxford University Press, is an online competition where participants are given a definition and have to type the correct corresponding word in 40 seconds or less (spelling counts, too). The contest begins Sept. 8, International Literacy Day, and ends Nov. 18 during International Education Week (specific dates vary by age group). Prizes will be awarded in four age categories along with additional prizes given to randomly selected participants so everyone has a chance to win.

Take a practice quiz at www.eSpindle.org/free_quiz where you can adjust the difficulty level and see just how hard it can be to think of a word with a clock ticking away in front of you.

Sign up for the contest at www.wordcupcafe.org.

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