Create your own broomstick brown bags

Brew and bewitch as you get into the spirit for Halloween. These witches’ brooms are made simply from paper lunch bags and a stick, yet will help you fly to new haunted heights.

Stuff them with your favorite candy or charms and give them as party favors at your costume-filled celebrations. They are great for decoration around the house, too. Either way, these witches’ broomsticks will cast their spell and get you in the mood for tricks and treats.


  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • Sticks or branches
  • Rubber bands
  • Twine
  • Scissors


1. Collect a variety of sticks to use as your brooms. Look for sticks that are 1 to 1½ feet long and ½ inch wide. The thicker the branch, the better, but make sure the sticks aren’t too heavy.


2. For each broomstick, you’ll need two lunch-size brown paper bags. Unfold the first bag and push out its base to create the four-sided bag.

3. Using scissors, cut the first bag into thin strips all around the four sides, stopping at least ½ inch short of the base of the bag. Strips should be between ¼ and ½ inches wide.

4. Take the second bag and cut thin strips into the top inch of the bag.

5. Open both of the bags and place the second bag inside the first bag.


6. Fill the second bag with candy. (If using for decoration only, you might want to put a few rocks to keep the bag weighted down.)

7. Insert your stick of choice into the bag to make the broomstick your desired length.

8. Wrap the first bag around the second bag. Cinch the tops of both bags and the stick with a rubber band. The rubber band will help secure the stick in place.

9. Cut a piece of twine and wrap it over the rubber band and tie into a knot.

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