Pinning Winners (and Losers)

Once you’ve started pinning (or even if you are just starting out), I hope you find the time and energy to actually try out some of the pins in your own life. In an effort to swap successes (and failures), I created a Facebook Pinterest challenge group in which we all could post pins we loved, hated, and altered. From there, I’ve found some fantastic things to re-pin and a few others to never ever try. Here’s a few of the hits and misses from our group recently.


With Easter in the not-too-distant past, my friend, Becky, did a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt with her son. A few other people tried this as well and it was a definite success (with the exception of securing the proper egg size for the glow sticks). I also made Resurrection Rolls (a delicious breakfast to boot!) and fashioned magazines into quick (and recyclable!) Easter grass. Bethany made these adorable cupcakes and they were gobbled right up!

On the dinner front, Lisa made Chicken, Bacon & Broccoli packets which were a huge hit with her hubby and sound delicious. Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders have also been receiving rave reviews (courtesy of Shannan). If you’re looking for a healthified version of banana bread, my friend, Megan, told the group that this recipe is a hit. And my most recent to-die-for muffin/anytime go-to treat? Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins. These muffins tasted like heaven and dessert rolled into one!

Finally, some household winners were meal planners made from this pin and some very cute book storage that doubles as décor. (Thanks, Melissa!)


Julie did not particularly like this recipe for cooked chickpeas, but shared that there are plenty of other types of this recipe to try out. This easy caulking tutorial didn’t work for a few different people and it was actually one I was tempted to try before I read some reviews! The fairy glow jar also didn’t seem to delight anyone in our crew.

These pretzel bites worked, but seemed to stick to the parchment paper. These heart shaped rice krispies treats didn’t fit the bill, but Bethany suggested perhaps a much sharper cookie cutter! These rice krispies footballs didn’t make the cut either!

Don’t be deterred by things that haven’t worked for you! Try and try again. It’s also helpful to “problem solve” some of what goes wrong with a pin – especially if you love the main aspects of it! If you love something you’ve made or created, try it again and share with others! Everyone benefits when the pins we pin actually work!

Have you made a pin that you’d repeat over and over again? Or did you have one that was so bad you deleted it immediately? We’d love to hear from you! You can also follow me on Pinterest here or Chicago Parent here.

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