Free Willis Skydeck admission to those named George or Washington

George Washington stood atop Mount Vernon and surveyed the land he fought for. You, too, can survey the land of Chicago for free on Monday – but only if your name is George or Washington.

Willis President’s Day Admission

Monday, February 20, 2012
10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Willis Tower Skydeck – 103rd Floor, 233 S. Wacker Drive,

Every once in a while the Skydeck at Willis Tower celebrates someone’s birthday with the Namely You promotion, which grants free admission to a namesake of the man we celebrate. Last year it was Martin Luther King, Jr. and Saint Patrick. This year, it’s the father of our country.

So, anyone with a first, middle or last name of George or Washington can head to the Willis Tower, show their name and picture ID and survey our city for free. First and middle names like Georgina will be honored, too. But last names are limited to exactly George or Washington, which is kind of a bummer for Chicago’s significant Greek population. (Sorry Mr. Georgopoulos.)

If your child named George or Washington doesn’t have an ID, bring a copy of his (or her) birth certificate.

We also think it’s interesting that all of our national holidays (except Mothers’ Day) honor men in our history. Sure would be nice if, someday, Willis could offer anyone named Susan or Anthony free admission. Just sayin’.

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