What’s your “Feel Better Kit”? Comment to win.

I’ve posted before about how hard it is to be the mom when you feel like death and your kids still feel like super-heros. As awful as it sounds, it’s easier when they’re the ones knocked out by these nasty little cold and flu bugs.

I’m all about pre-producing the moment now as we enter these months of barf bowls, snotty noses and spiky temps. Go check those expiration dates, make a little sick-day survival kit of your own, and let’s take care of ourselves shall we?!

Now… go ahead and tell us what always makes YOU feel better on days that you’d like to dig a deep, sound-proof hole and crawl your cute self in. I take like three warm tubs a day, wrap my soft scarf around my neck and buy the softest moist lotion packed tissues I can find. And then there’s the Ramen noodles. Just one comment, and you’re entered to WIN a “Feel Better Kit” from the lovely people at Vicks.

I’ll pick the lucky winners first thing Wed….so GO! Go comment, and tell your yucky feeling friends to comment too.

Now back to bed.

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