4 simple ways to get into the playful spirit

Time to get your playful spirit revved up for summer! This month I’ve curated some of my favorite ways to spark playfulness and fun into your everyday. Life moves fast, but don’t forget to find some simple ways to play along the way!

Play with your home

Warm weather and outside playtime have just about arrived, but I always need a reminder that sunny days will indeed be here again. Enter the new ice cream-inspired line from Chicago-based retailer (and one of my FAVORITE shops) Paper Source. If you don’t get happy with a sprinkling of these goodies about your home, well, I got nothing.

From banners and dish towels to candles, party hats and napkins, we’ll all be screaming for some ice cream.

Play with your parenting

In the old days, the word “hack” was not the most complimentary of terms. But in the new millennium, everyone freakin’ LOVES a hack! Especially when those hacks—genius tricks to solve a problem—help us in our day-to-day parenting. Popular blogger and author Asha Dornfest of parenthacks.com is out with her first parent hack book. Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life with Kids is a compilation of the best time-saving, problem-solving flashes of genius floating around the interwebs. Let’s make parenting a little easier and more fun, shall we?

Play with your workout

Call me shallow and easily influenced, but you know what helps me get my excuse-ridden rump to the gym to work out way more often than endless texts from my trainer? Cute workout clothes! Sorry, not sorry.

I started following Chase Infinite on Instagram after seeing a few of its wicked cool workout T-shirt posts and now I’m obsessed with the daily inspirational quotes and playful, kick-arse workout tops. If you need some extra motivation to get your boo-yeah to the gym, maybe these will help.

Play with your kids

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”—Plato. I love this quote because it’s just so darn true. Get to KNOW your kids better by engaging in some creative play together. I recently discovered Once Kids, which carries beautiful eco-friendly, design-inspired playthings that both kids and their grownups will absolutely love. My particular favorites are the Hero Factory kits, which are wooden action figures you design, and the Wanderlust playsets featuring the skylines and iconic attractions from places like Hong Kong, London, Hollywood and NYC.

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