4 playful pops of fun for March

This month may indeed come in like a big grumpy lion, but with these four pops of playfulness sprinkled over the next 31 days, we might be able to turn that lion into a happy little lamb, regardless of our city’s unpredictable weather.

Play with your words

While scrolling Instagram recently, I discovered the playfully gorgeous design shop Ashley Brooke Designs and its chic and cheeky coffee mugs. Every busy mom I know needs a little hot caffeine in the a.m., and what better vessel to drink it from than a mug that’s got something fun to say? My favorites are the “Good Morning Dollface” and “Every day I’m Hustlin.” $23.

Play footsies

I have two boys and a husband who are kind of obsessed with personalizing and customizing their Nike sneakers. I must confess, I rolled my eyes at this slightly pricey, time-consuming endeavor—until I tried it for myself.

Nike ID” allows you to create the most playful, super-fun sneakers, in all sorts of styles, with a few swift clicks. I recently made some old-school ‘80s kicks in crazy cool colors and the name of my upcoming book, Well Played, across the back.

Play with your scent

I’m not typically a fragrance-wearing gal, but when a colleague recommended I try Play perfume by Givenchy, mainly because of the name and the cute bottle, I couldn’t resist. And what do ya know?! I adore it. It’s light and sweet with a slight touch of sass. Plus the bottle acts as a daily reminder to take a little time to add more pops of play to the same-old routine. It also comes in a men’s version. Couples who “play” together, stay together—or at least smell really good. $47.50, 2-ounce spray.

Play with your friends

We are quickly approaching all those summer celebrations (really, they’re just around the bend!). Whether you’re looking for a gift for a graduation, a wedding or a special anniversary, the perfect way to LOVE-bomb someone special in your life is with a little something awesome called Boom Box.

Boom Box digitally gathers loving sentiments from your group of selected “contributors,” edits, designs and prints them on lovely cardstock and then places all of your good wishes into a beautiful box. The receiver will never forget your crowd-sourced sentiments. Big love in a box. Brilliant!

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