How Chicago moms can make their wardrobe pop

Summer is the perfect season to leap out of your every day, leave work a touch early, and play a little more. Can’t seem to break away as much as you’d like?

Adding a few unexpected pops of frivolity into your predictable fashion sense is a simple way to re-ignite your inner playful spirit that’s just dying to join the fun.

Here are four of my favorite playthings:

Flirty Flashbacks

If you’re tired of seeing the same dresses coming and going and are ready for some flashback fun, then say hello to I am currently obsessed with this vintage clothing site that specializes in all things retro chic. These frocks are the perfect way to PLAY-up your next formal occasion.

Hoppy Feet

If you’ve been secretly yearning to try the hottest trend in sneakers, the ultra chic high top, now’s your chance. This pair from Target incorporates my favorite kind of comfy heel-the wedge! Chic, active, playful and practical all in one.

Sunshine on Your Shoulder

Nothing says playful like bright yellow! But some of us aren’t comfortable wearing this “look at me” tone on a daily basis. So try incorporating a splash of sunshine into your handbag instead. You’ll be surprised at how this happy hue can brighten your day, just by hanging around.

A Playful Pucker

At a recent Today Show appearance, the makeup girls insisted that I try this very bold and very bright lip color called Backstage Bambi. It takes hot pink to a whole new degree. I reluctantly agreed but was floored by how pretty and playful this color made me look and feel. It looks daunting, but trust me, a little goes a long way and you’ll feel 24 again! And it stays on FOREVER.

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