How to get 2015 off to a playful start


Play with your mate

During these bitter months, we routinely don our trusty flannel jammies or extra-thick sweats as we head off to the sack. Insulated? Indeed. Hot and bothered? Not so much. It’s time to throw our dogs a bone, girls.

Lookie Lou Black Magic Body Suit



I recently discovered a website called “Lookie Lou” and was taken with its pretty, yet practical, “Black Magic Body Suit.” For those of us whose kid-stretched tummies keep us from ever wearing barely-there lingerie, these sexy onesies offer just the right balance of coverage and cleavage.

Wear your snowsuits to bed if you must, but every now and again go ahead and shock your partner with a little va va va VOOM. $86,

Play with your tech

If you’re a fan of the fit-band trend or have never tried one but are intrigued, then you’re going to love the new Microsoft Band. Unlike most fit bands, this new gadget combines the features of your smartphone, such as email updates, reminders, voice memos and texts, with all the health and fitness benefits of those popular calorie- and mile-counting bands.


I’m all about keeping our hands free to work hard and play even harder, and this device does it all. $199,

Play with your travel

Whether you’re road-trippin’ to the Dells, hauling a little sibling along to brother or sister’s travel sporting event, or hopping a plane to somewhere warmer, traveling with little ones can be, well, challenging.


Say hello to your new secret weapon, The Little Pnuts Travel Boxes! Designed for kiddos age 3-6, each thematic box is curated with an assortment of games, cards and creative activities that will keep your young travel buddies happily entertained–and give your poor overused smartphone a much needed rest.


Chose from Animals, Pirates& Fairies, Pirates& Knights, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, or a variety pack. $30 each,

Play with your pals

If you want to host a grownup game night to shake up these cold nights or are looking for a fun game to add to family game night that even the teens in your family will honestly enjoy, then the new game from R&R games, “Strike a Pose,” will help.


Each round, all but one player (the guesser) must freeze into the form of one of the people, places or things depicted on a card. When everyone is “set,” the guesser returns to the room and tries to decide which person is posing as which item and racks up points for each correct guess.


This game gets everyone up and involved and is designed for up to 14 players, ages 10 and up. $15.99,

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