Weekdays are free in September at the Museum of Science and Industry

Whether or not your kids are headed back to school, fall is still a great time to get them interested in science with a trip to theMuseum of Science and Industry. And in September, your visit is free.

MSI is offering free general admission for Illinois residents every weekday beginning Sept. 4 and continuing through the end of the month. Proof of residency must be presented to gain free admission, and does not include tickets for special exhibits, which must be purchased separately.

While you’re there, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite exhibits to see for kids and grown-ups.


1. Projectile Motion, found on the balcony level of Science Storms

Even the youngest NBA fans will enjoy this activity explaining projectile motion with help from Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose. Set your parameters and launch a tennis ball across the second floor into a net to learn more about angles and velocity.

2. Mindball, found on the balcony level in You! The Experience

Teach your little ones the power of a calm mind in this two-player game where kids wear a headband and try to “out-relax” their opponent to win. Kids will love that they used their brainwaves to move a ball across a table and might even brag about their science superpowers back at home.

3. The Baby Chick Hatchery, found on the main level in Genetics

It is our belief that baby animals will never be boring, especially when it means watching baby chicks take their first steps. Not only are these chicks adorable, the exhibit offers great teaching points for your own little ones.


1. Fire vs. Water, found on the balcony level of Science Storms

Control two of nature’s most powerful elements in this exhibit that is fascinating no matter your age. Learn about combustion and convection patterns by adjusting flame height and temperature as well as a water mist.

2. Vertical Farm, found on the main level in Fast Forward

After seeing Roosevelt University’s vertical campus sprout up in the Loop, it isn’t hard to imagine Dickson Despommier’s Vertical Farm Project becoming a reality in Chicago. The exhibit pairs a large scale model of the vertical farm concept with an interactive game that helps to explain urban agriculture.

3. 100 Things to Do, found on the balcony level in You! The Experience

Our favorite part of this interactive list is that inspiration isn’t limited to age. We spotted “get my diploma” next to “visit the Grand Canyon” and “make new friends”, but the age of the visitor who submitted them always a nice surprise.

For more information, visitmsichicago.org.

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