This week in recalls | Similac baby formula, mood necklaces and rings

The week’s news in product safety…

Similac baby formula recalled due to insect contamination

Hazard: Some Similac baby formulas may contain the presence of a common beetle or its larvae. The insect contamination was found at a processing plant inMichigan.


Incidents/Injuries: None yet, and experts say even if a baby does consume tainted formula, chance of illness are slim.

Description: Abbot, the North Chicago-based health products giant, discovered the possible presence of a small beetle at one of its manufacturing facilities. The affected formulas include non-specialty powder formulas found in plastic containers and 8 to 12.9 ounce cans. No liquid formulas or specialty powder formulas, including Similac Expert Care Neosure and Similar Human Milk Fortifier, are affected.

Where you bought them: Retailers inChicago where Similac baby formula is sold.

What to do: Enter the lot numbers, which can be found on the bottom of your formula container, to find out if it is part of the recall. Formula should be returned to Abbott, free of charge, and instructions are on the Web site.


Mood Necklaces, Rings contain dangerous levels of lead

Hazard: The jewelry contains high levels of lead, which can be toxic if ingested.

Incidents/Injuries: None yet.

Description: The recall pertains to the “Love Tester” 18-inch necklace and adjustablemood ring. They come in small, red circular packaging and are sold separately. About 19,000 necklaces and 4,000 rings are being recalled.

Where you bought it: Small retail stores nationwide from September 2005 through June 2010, for about $4.

What to do: Return the item to the store where you purchased it, and for more information, contact D&D Distributing-Wholesale at(800) 262-9435.

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