This week in recalls | Hooded jackets and sweatshirts

The week’s news in product safety…

Jackets, sweaters recalled due to drawstring strangulation hazard

Hazard: Hooded jackets and sweatshirts have by VOS Sports Inc. have drawstrings around the hood or at the waist which pose entrapment and strangulation risks if the strings are drawn too tightly.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.


Description: The recall includes all hooded jackets and sweatshirts under the VOS Sports brand. They come in 14 different colors in sizes small, medium and large. The label number RN#94353 is printed on the inside of the jacket.

Where you bought them: Nationwide stores where jackets and sweatshirts are sold between January 2005 and February 2010 for $17 and $34.

What to do: You can either cut the drawstrings from the hood and the waist, eliminating the hazard, or contact VOS Sports for a full refund at (888) 268-6867, or Visit the CPSC website for more specifics on colors, sizes and style numbers of all the jackets and sweatshirts included in the recall.

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