This week in recalls | Fisher-Price recalls, infant sleeping positioners, wall hooks

The week’s news in product safety…

FDA warns against use of infant sleeping positioners

Hazard: Babies can roll onto their stomach and suffocate in the sleeping positioner, or they can become trapped and suffocate between the positioner and the crib.

Incidents/Injuries: 12 deaths of infants between one and four months.

10347dDescription: There are two main types of sleeping positioners: flat mats with side bolsters, or incline or wedge mats with side bolsters.

Where you bought them: Retail stores where baby products are sold.

What to do: Stop using infant sleeping positioners, and don’t use pillows or comforters as substitutes. Make sure that sleeping babies are always on their backs to reduces of risk of SIDS.

“STUFF” and Paw Walls hooks recalled due to lead

Hazard: The paint on the hooks contains excessive levels of lead.

10341aIncidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The “STUFF” wall hooks are wooden and come packaged in five parts, spelling out the word “stuff.” Each letter has a painted metal hook with a wooden ball on the end, both of which can be toxic. The Paw Wall hooks come with four paw-shaped pieces and have a wooden hook and ball attached to the center.

Where you bought it: Gift and variety stores, drug stores, furniture stores and décor outlets nationwide from December 2008 through August 2010 for to .

What to do: Contact Midwest-CBK at 800-422-5583 and return the products for a full refund.

Fisher-Price recalls 7 million tricycles

10341aHazard: The trikes have an ignition key under the handlebars that sticks out and children can sit, strike or fall on it and hurt themselves.

Incidents/Injuries: 10 injuries, six that required medical attention.

Description: The recalls includes Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles that have either a “D” shaped or disc shaped ignition key. They key is below the handlebars, about three inches above the seat. Some models have smooth, flattened “D” shaped keys, and those are not part of the recall.

Where you bought it: Large retail stores nationwide from January 1997 through September 2010 for about .

What to do: Fisher Price is providing free replacement keys for the trikes and can be reached at 800-432-5437.


Fisher-Price recalls Little People playset due to choking hazard

Hazard: The Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway cars have wheels which can pop off and present a danger for children if swallowed.

Incidents/Injuries: There are no injuries, but Fisher-Price has received two reports of wheels detaching from the cars.

Description: This recall only includes the purple and green cars from the playset that say “Mexico” and do not have a yellow dot on the bottom.

Where you bought it: Large retail stores from April 2010 through September 2010 for about .

What to do: Fisher-Price is providing two free replacement cars for the set. Contact them at 800-432-5437.


Fisher-Price recalls 1 million high chairs to due laceration hazard

Hazard: Pegs on the back legs of high chairs can cut children if they fall on or bump into them.

Incidents/Injuries: 14 incidents, including seven injuries that required stitches.

Description: The three types of high chairs included in the recall include Healthy Care, Easy Clean and Close to Me High Chairs. The pegs on the chairs are used for tray storage. These chairs have a folding frame for storage and and a three-position reclining seat.

Where you bought it: Large retail stores from September 2001 through September 2010 for about to 5.

What to do: Discontinue use of high chair until you contact Fisher-Price at 800-432-5437. The company is mailing out free repair kits with instruction on how to safe proof the high chair.


Fisher-Price recalls infant toys with inflatable balls due to choking hazard

Hazard: The valve of the inflatable ball on six different Fisher-Price toys can come off and pose a choking risk to children.

Incidents/Injuries: 46 incidents, including three reports of children beginning to choke.

Description: The product include:

  • Baby Playzone Crawl & Cruise Playground
  • Baby Playzone Crawl & Slide Arcade
  • Baby Gymtastics Play Wall
  • Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Aquarium (C3068 and H8094)
  • 1-2-3 Tetherball
  • Bat & Score Goal

Where you bought it: Large retail stores from July 2001 to July 2008 for to .

What to do: Remove the inflatable ball from the toy, but don’t throw it out. Contatct Fisher-Price at 800-432-5437 for a free replacement kit.

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