This week in recalls: Drop-side cribs (again!), teething tablets and more

The week’s news in product safety…

Dollar Tree recalls Halloween Lanterns due to burn, fire hazard

Hazard: The bulb in the lanterns can overheat and possibly catch on fire or burn children if they touch or bump into it.

Incidents/Injuries: No injuries, but one incident has been reported of the lantern overheating.


Description: The recall includes Dollar Tree battery-operated lanterns in black, white and orange in the styles of ghosts, skulls and pumpkins. The lanterns are about 6 inches tall and have the model number 954437-13096-003-1005 is printed on the bottom.

Where you bought them: Dollar Tree retail chains nationwide, including Dollar Bills, Occasions, Deals and Dollar Tree Deals, from August 2010 to October 2010 for $1.

What to do: Throw away the lantern’s batteries and return it to the store of purchase for a full refund. Contact Dollar Tree at 800-876-8077, or visit their website at

Meijer infant shoes recalled due to choking hazard


Hazard: The shoes have bungee laces with toggles at the end. The toggles can detach from the laces and babies can accidentally swallow and choke on them.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The shoes are brown with brown laces and toggles. They are boys casual shoes sold in infant sizes 5 through 10. They are manufactured by Meijer and have the words “Fall Creek” printed on the bottom sole of the shoe.

Where you bought them: Meijer stores nationwide from July 2010 through September 2010 for $15.

What to do: Meijer advises taking the toggles off the shoe strings, thus eliminating the hazard, or you can return them to a Meijer store for a full refund. Contact Meijer at (800) 927-8699 or visit the website at

“Hyland’s Teething Tablets recalled for possible belladonna poisoning


Hazard: The FDA discovered that there may be excess amounts of belladonna, a toxin, in the teething tablets. If babies ingest too much, it can be poisonous.

Incidents/Injuries: An unspecified number of incidents has been reported to the FDA that are consistent with belladonna poisoning. In addition, the FDA has received reports about children taking more tablets than recommended because the bottle doesn’t have a child safety cap.

Description: Hyland’s Teething Tablets are homeopathic tablets that come in pink and blue packaging. They are small, soft tablets, red and blue, that quickly dissolve in babies’ mouths or in a cup of water.

Where you bought it: High-end health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and drug stores nationwide.

What to do: Hyland’s is offering a refund on the teething tablets. Contact them by phone at 1-877-496-5044, and for more information on the recall, visit


Three manufacturing companies recall drop-side cribs

Hazard: If the drop-side railing detaches, a baby can roll over and fall out of the crib, or they can fall into the gap between the drop-side and the mattress and become trapped and possibly suffocate.

Incidents/Injuries: 23 incidents have been reported of the drop-side detaching from the crib resulting in injury.

Description: The recall includes drop-side cribs by Ethan Allen, Angel Line and Victory Land Group. The Ethan Allen recall includes item numbers 14-5650, 15-5650, 16-5650, 26-5650, 35-5622, 36-5620, 36-5622 and 38-5622. The item numbers are printed on the crib’s headboard or footboard, and the cribs were sold in a variety of colors.

The Angel Line cribs were sold in brown, white, natural and oak colors. The brand “Longwood Forrest” is printed on the headboard along with one of the following model numbers: 6103S, 6105S, 6106S, 6108S, 6109S, 8025P, and 8029P. The recalled cribs have plastic drop-sides; the metal drop-side cribs are not included in the recall.

The Victory Land Group recall involves Heritage Collection 3-in-1 drop-side cribs with model numbers 07-1248 and 07-1252 found on the headboard or footboard. They came in natural and white colors.

Where you bought it: Ethan Allen: Ethan Allen stores from January 2002 to December 2008 for between $550 and $900. Angel Line:, and other online retailers from December 2004 through January 2009 for $140. Victory Land Group: Kmart stores nationwide from February 2007 through October 2008 for $130.

What to do: All three companies are offering free repairs kits for the cribs that will immobilize the drop-side. Visit the CPSC website for more information on these recalls, and also to check out a video on crib safety.

Raisinets Fun Paks recalled for possible peanut contamination

Hazard: The Raisinets may contain peanuts, and although there is a warning label on the package, the candy should not have peanuts.

Incidents/Injuries: 3 incidents have been reported thus far.

Description: The Nestle Raisinets Fun Paks come in a 10-oz. yellow bag with “Raisinets” written in red letters.

Where you bought it:Target, Shop Rite and Don Quixote retail stores.

What to do: is offering a full refund for the candy. Contact them by phone at 800-478-5670.


The Children’s Place recalls girls’ ruffle vests due to choking hazard

Hazard: The metal snaps on the vest can pop off and children can accidentally swallow them.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The vests are white and quilted with a faux hood and a label sewn inside the side seam with number #587754.

Where you bought it: Online at in September 2010 for $20.

What to do: Contact The Children’s Place for a free return package which gets you a full refund. Reach them at 877-752-2387, or visit their website at

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