Weber Grill has a hit menu for little foodies

The first thing we noticed when we entered Weber Grill early on a Sunday night was the crowd. We took it as a good sign we were embarking on a fun night out with the kids.

The second thing was our server’s attention to our 7-year-olds, quizzing them on their favorite color, explaining the kids menu and asking their summer plans.

When our drink orders arrived–including two of the fanciest Shirley Temples we’ve ever seen–we understood the curiosity about favorite colors: each drink came with a twisty straw in the named color.

The kids menu is entertaining, with a hot dog encouraging kids to color on toppings and a burger requesting a face. The options are extensive and include barbecue pork ribs, steak skewers, grilled chicken breast and wood-fired pizza. All the meals are under $9 and come with a beverage, fruit, tater tots, vegetables and a chocolate chip cookie. For $1.50 extra, the cookie can be turned into a chocolate chip cookie sundae.

The adults stuck with the Weber signature dishes including the filet kettlekabob with steak and vegetable skewers and the signature BBQ ribs, both perfectly prepared. The roasted garlic mashed potatoes and blue cheese pecan coleslaw are must-haves.

What struck us most was the friendly, kid-centric atmosphere. That, paired with top-notch food, makes the perfect family night out.

Warning: Make reservations–you won’t be the only family with this idea!

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