Want to play house mom to British kids?

Do you want to play house “mum” for some British teens? Do you have at least one teenager yourself? Do you refuse to serve afternoon tea?

Then the BBC wants you.

The British television giant is looking for “inspirational, educated, disciplined and loving” host families in Chicago for an upcoming series in which British teens will experience life in an American home.

The family needs to be willing to accommodate a British teenager for one week this fall (all expenses paid by the network) and instill in them “the values and morality they demand of their own children.”

In other words, let’s show ’em how we get it done.

According to the BBC, the series will:

“…show the U.S., and more specifically Chicago as an aspirational place to live, by featuring parents who believe in instilling discipline, boundaries and respect whilst embracing progress and development in the community and society.”

First lesson in being an American teenager? Never use the word “whilst.”

If this sounds like your family, you can e-mailjulannsmyth@twentytwenty.tv for more information.

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