Chicago dads weigh-in on Victoria’s Secret’s new “Bright Young Things” line

Parenting bloggers across the country got their electronic knickers in a knot last week over allegations that Victoria’s Secret’s new line of provacative underthings are intended for tweens. Turns out the line is intended for college age ladies – or is it? The Dads, all fathers to girls, contemplate what it means to raise daughters in a terrifying new era of lingerie.

WDP20: Bright Young Thongs by ChicagoParent

Is the new “Bright Young Things” line at Victoria’s Secret really for tweens? Probably not – everyone just loves to freak out about things aimed at tweens. The Dads doubt this stuff is for college girls, though, as everyone loves to “play up a level.”

So, do Todd, Matt, and D.M. want their daughters wearing sexy underwear in high school? No, no, and no… unless their wives say it’s necessary for the girl’s self-esteem. Even then, though, no drawers with flirty messages, like “Aloha”, “Pink”, or “Hey, Sailor, New In Town?” (These are all real… except for the last one.)

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