DIY Valentine’s Day treats for the classroom

If you are anything like me, you just looked at your calendar and realized you have less than a week to make 20-something Valentine’s Day treats for your child’s class.

I like to make my own treats because I’ve noticed that many Valentine’s Day treat make some reference to a romantic love that may be foreign to most 6 year olds. We’ll save the romantic love for the adults and make a kid-friendly Valentine’s Day that helps them show appreciation for their friends. I also like to provide gender neutral and sugar free options-am I doing too much?

I decided to do a roundup of some crafts that you could complete in your free time (what is that?) this weekend. Many of the crafts require items you may already have in your home such as construction or cardstock paper, scissors, gel pens and Popsicle sticks. So clear off a table and pull out your craft basket, here are some quick and budget friendly crafts.

Out of This World

Anything related to the solar system is a big deal in my home, so I know this would be a huge hit. To make this cute card all you need is cardstock paper, gel pens and scissors. Fold the cardstock paper in half and cut out heart shapes. If your child is able you can have them write out phrases such as “You are out of this world” or “You’re a super star” on the hearts. If you want, you can attach mini Milky Way candies or Hershey Kisses. Or you can head to your nearest dollar store and pick up a pack of marbleized rubber balls to insert in the middle of the hearts to serve as planets. Your child can also use the gel pens to decorate the heart with little stars and “galactic dust”!

Super Valentine

Does your kid have a favorite superhero or refuse to take their cape off for bedtime? Oh, just mine? I love this craft but it’s a bit more tedious. This project requires tootsie pops, stiff felt (heavy cardstock will also work), a hole puncher, ribbon and hot glue. Using the stiff felt and ribbon, you will make and attach a cape to the tootsie pop.  You can use crinkle cut scissors to add some detail to the cape. A hot glue gun can be used to attach the superhero’s symbol (this is a great time to let your child be creative and make their own!) to the cape and any other decorations .

Love of Reading

Bookmarks are always a fun treat, especially if you have a reader or want to encourage reading in your home. For this project you can use cardstock and have your child decorate each book mark with Valentine ‘s Day themed stickers. If you have a laminator, it would be great to laminate each one, otherwise be sure to use heavy card stock. You can also punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and add decorative ribbon.

Looks like we have a busy, but fun weekend ahead of us! What treats are you sending to your child’s classroom for their Valentine’s Day party?

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