Valentine’s preparations on Pinterest

One of my favorite holidays (after Christmas) definitely has to be Valentine’s Day. I love preparing all things pink and red and putting everything I can think of into a heart shape. This year, Charlie is in preschool, so he will have the added bonus of a classroom party and making Valentines. I thought I’d pull together some of my favorite ideas (including those I plan to try) so that you can spend the next week getting ready!

Theseshovel valentines have been floating around Pinterest for a while. I had every intention of doing them this year, but have had virtually no luck finding the shovels. If you know of a place, please share! (Either way, I think these are pretty darling). Have a little fella? What about theserobots made out of tic tacs and Starburst! Plus, they have goggly eyes. What kid doesn’t love those! After a few unsuccessful searches at the stores, I finally decided to find rubber bouncy balls and go with this“Have a Ball” valentine. I’ll have Charlie write his name and then we’ll be all set! Easy to put together, but different than the typical candy kind. Still looking for some ideas and printables?Check out this sitefor 29 more ideas – some of which are pretty cheap and simple.

Charlie’s school will be doing a Valentine’s Day tea this year and I’m helping, so of course I turned to Pinterest to get some inspiration. I was given the task of finding an easy craft and I stumbled upon thesepop-up heart hats. Before his party, I plan to cut out all the hats and have them ready for the kids to decorate. You can use stamps, stickers, markers, crayons, or paint – whatever you may have lying around the craft drawer. I tried this idea out on Charlie and he loved it so much he didn’t even want to take it off. The best part? You just need a paper plate. For snack, I thought about what to do instead of the usual cookie fare and decided this recipe forhot pink chocolate chip cookies was perfect!

Finally, we love to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, so I thought it would be fun to make cards this year rather than spend any money at the store. For my hubby (from me), I opted to create this“I heart you” printable. I couldn’t find this specific one online, so I created my own and you can see that picture above and plan to add a candy heart. From the boys I plan to make thiseasy love poem with candy bars and I already started acard with a heart made out of feet. I recommend the latter with slightly older children or infants; my toddler’s foot heart looks like it’s been bleeding!

Have some of your own V-day ideas? Send them our way and tag us@ChiParent on Pinterest.

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