Valentine’s Day Crafts

February is full of love and what better way to show you care than a homemade heart or two? Try out one of these Valentine’s Day crafts with the kids and spread the love.

These Valentine’s Day crafts are sure to melt hearts this February.

Valentine’s Day “stained glass” hearts

Make your own lip balm

“Hand”-made valentines

Need a few valentine slogans for your “hand” made creations? Trythese messages:

Outside: Gotta hand it to you, Valentine… Inside: You’ve gotmy heart!

Outside: You’ve won me over, Valentine… Inside: Handsdown!

Outside: I have something to give you, Valentine… Inside: Myheart belongs to you.

Tissue flowers

There may not be flowers blossoming in the backyard garden, butyou can still make pressed flowers for a loved one. Instead ofsplurging on flowers at a flower shop, try stopping by a grocerystore (Trader Joe’s always has cheaper flowers) for petals for thiscraft.

Pressed Flowers

DIY Valentine Backyard Birdfeeder

There are lots of way to express love this Valentine’s Day-andnot all of them involve a sugar rush. This year, work together tomake heart-shaped treats for your backyard birdies. This”valentine” is a simply way to show our kids that we need to loveall living things (and not all hearts are made of chocolate!).

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