UNO retro packs selling for $1 could be the spark your family game night needs

Some games get their fun factor from their complexity (think Mousetrap), others from their “anything-can-happen” vibe (think Pictionary). For other classics, the beauty lies in their simplicity, and since the early 1980s, one of those go-to games has been UNO.

Four colors. Skip, Reverse, Draw 2, Draw 4. “Uno!” Pretty basic, but endlessly entertaining. And on Tuesday – 1/11/11 – Mattel is issuing retro card packs for just $1.

We checked in with Chicago toy and game collector Dan Polydoris, who says retro is hot right now, on everything from cereal boxes to NFL uniforms.

“Toys and games are no different,” says Polydoris, who blogs about his hobby atBorn Collecting.

Polydoris says if you’re looking to make money off your collecting, these anniversary cards won’t get you very far, “but the nostalgia factor for things like this is pretty high, especially if you grew up playing it.”

Also high? its score on the “thefact that this is considered retro makes us feel old” scale. So while they might not pay for your kids’ college educations, a retro pack of UNO cardsmight be just what your family needs to rev up game night.

The cards will be available at Walgreen’s stores in the Chicago area.

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