The Truth about Fun

Early last week the girls decided to plan a Friday night slumber party.

Just the three of them, in our house, on their 3-year-old sister’s floor.

They got the thumbs up from us and they immediately jumped to action. It was like a revelation, the most simple, yet inspired decision they have ever made.

Without my help the three of them huddled at the table and spent almost an hour planning the overnight.

When I couldn’t locate any of their toothbrushes on Thursday morning, I realized they had each already packed a bag (which was a bit confusing since they were just heading three or four feet down the hallway).

Throughout the day they added activities to the Friday night agenda, planned a menu, chose a movie, and made decorations for Skylar’s room -pictures of balloons, flowers, and faces…..

We have planned trips to Disney World, musicals, ice shows, parades, you name it, but this event seemed to garner much more excitement and anticipation.

I realized how often I fall victim to “telling” my children what fun is (you’ll love it, I did!) and go about making plans assuming that my ideas are great.

But children tend to have their own thoughts about fun – and a lot of the time it’s simple and inexpensive.

It was a good reminder to stand back – to allow the girls enough space and time for their own inspired ideas.

Because it’s their awesome imagination and creative spirit that makes fun, fun.

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