Tricks to transform your closet for spring

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You’re a fashion- and budget-conscious mom who wants to be on trend this spring, while at the same time simplifying your already overcrowded closet. I recently talked with stylist Lisa Marie McComb, who revealed how she helps her clients do exactly that.

Here are a few tricks of her trade:

Edit. Before you buy anything, Lisa suggests having a closet fashion show. Invite a few friends over and have them help you decide what clothes are keepers and which ones really miss their friends from the’90s. After the fashion show, immediately donate what you don’t want.

Create a Style File. Compile fashion looks you love and would like to imitate in some way. Collect pages from magazines and place them in a file folder. Use your style file to help determine your personal taste and what you want to add to your wardrobe.

Be super-specific. Before heading to the mall, make a very detailed list of items you need. Then stick to the list. Lisa says a few new white T-shirts should be on everyone’s list this spring.

Choose color. Buying a few vibrant tees or scarves is an inexpensive way to indulge in this spring’s hottest trend. But first you should know which hues work for you. Grab a pal and head to a shop like The Gap or American Apparel to try on T-shirts in every color. Take turns helping each other decide which colors make your face"pop.”

Outfit yourself. Lisa suggests organizing your closet into outfits. By hanging pieces that work together beside each other, creating a complete"look” in the morning becomes quick and easy.

To find out more about Lisa Marie McComb's style services, check her out at
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