How to dress in Sundance Film Festival style

Each winter, the beautiful folks of the silver screen descend upon the picturesque playground of Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival. And while the focus of the festival is its films, what all the beautiful people are wearing often takes center stage. Here are four simple ways to make that fabulous sky resort style your very own.

1 The “it” lid

Even if you’re a vegan and only hunt for bargains, looking like you enjoy trapping wildlife in your “down time” is the key. Treat your noggin to the warmth and borderline dorkiness of the “trapper hat.” I own one of these bad boys and it is like wearing a space heater on your thinker. Plus the flaps are just fun.

2 The WAY-too-long scarf

If your scarf looks like your grandma got carried away watching Dancing With the Stars and just…kept…knitting, then you’ve nailed this look. When worn with a hip-length not-too-puffy puffy coat (so that not everything is over-sized), the big ol’ scarf won’t swallow you whole. Let the ends hang down to your waist, make the middle look like a boa constrictor has taken up residence around your neck, and you’re good to go.

3 Walk like an Eskimo

Three words for the perfect Sundance snow boots: Loads of laces. These are the kind of boots that would put you in a straight jacket if you had to help your kids into them, but it’s just you, so relax. Think knee-high, with tufts of “fur” peeking out, and a touch of “I know how to craft candles from animal blubber” and you’ve got it.

4 High-end flannel

This might be my favorite Sundance wannabe essential. Growing up in the “sticks,” I’ve always been a fan of the flannel anything, even when it wasn’t cute (I’m talking to you 1990s). But alas, the female flannel shirt has finally found its fashion sense. Match these fitted flannels with some skinny jeans, black leggings, or a denim mini and tights (with those boots from #3), and bam! Instant Park City native.

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