What the Dads think of Meredith Sinclair’s summer fashion tips for men

Two weeks ago, the Dads talked about their dilemmas with summer fashion. Meredith Sinclair of Chicago Parent’s “Trending” video blog answered their issues in her show last week. This week, the Dads respond to the response. Are their summer fashion woes a thing of the past?


The Dads have watched Meredith Sinclair’s Trending vlog – and their reaction is mixed. Matt is thoroughly down with the “roll and scrunch” method of making a long sleeve shirt summer ready, even if the other Dads still fear the heat. (It’s important not to look like Dennis Franz.)

As for getting a trainer and a tailor… it sounds expensive to the Dads. Perhaps they could just eat less? Speaking of eating less, since fashion seems to be primarily for the skinny, is it becoming for a grown-@$$ man to be stick thin? Does Jason Bateman need a sandwich? Would more food make Jimmy Fallon less unfunny? And on the subject of GQ magazine – anybody got $2,700 so the Dads can buy one turtleneck for each of them?

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