Make travel with kids easier with Pinterest

Since having our kids, we have still ventured out on driving vacations. If you’re looking for ideas on how to survive an airplane ride, check out some tips from last week. One of the things I love to know is how to pass the time with kids when driving or traveling!

First, lower expectations for any vacation you take! Enjoy the time to make memories with your kids and enjoying wherever you go. One of our favorite things to do with our two boys (ages 2 and 4) is to spend time at the beach or just relaxing. They will enjoy being able to just spend time with you with no real distractions.

Stuff to hold

Toy laptops

New and fresh toys (Dollar Store or the $1 section at Target can provide some great ideas!)

Coloring books


Movies & DVD player

Kids’ books

Kids’ music & CDs

iPad or Reader of some sort with games/books


Magnet books/boards

Cars to Go

Art to Go

Crayon Roll

Activity Books

Usborne Books also has some great options: Sticker books, search books, wipe off cards like, “100 Things for Little Children to Do on a Trip!” There are also great read along books with CDs.

Personal Play Scene

Reusable Snacks Bags


Stuff to do

Watch new movies or shows

Color, draw pictures, or read

Play travel games

Engage in fun road games


License plate spotting

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Spelling Bee

Family Storytelling

The Banana Game (spotting yellow cars, trucks, buses, vehicles)

Slug Bug, Punch Bug, whatever you call it! (I don’t recommend this if tensions are high)

Consider leaving near naptime or bedtime. Kiddos may be more likely to sleep through most of the drive or trip if it’s a normal time they usually sleep.

Many of these ideas come from experience and from perusing Pinterest. Do you have any special ways to pass the time while traveling? Share with us on our Pinterest page.

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