Travel buddies not to leave behind

I don’t know about you, but when the temperature heats up, I get more than a touch of wanderlust. Whether you are hopping a plane halfway around the world or taking an L ride halfway down the line, I have a few beauty and fashion secrets up my sleeve to make your travels even more enjoyable.


Face the day


I have a million lotions and potions on my bathroom counter. When I take a trip, I like to go minimal and leave most liquids at home in order to fly through security. I am a stickler for taking my makeup off at the end of the day, though, so face wash has always been a must. I just discovered The Makeup Eraser, a super soft reusable cloth that removes ALL of my makeup with just water, including waterproof mascara. It comes in two sizes, regular and travel, and you can toss it into the washing machine when it is completely dirty. Brilliant.


Toss the tangles


I love products that multi-task, and I love them even more if they look adorable. Every time I put a hairbrush in my bag, it ends up snagging a sweater or tangling with tights. These Macaron brushes from milk + sass are a compact way to remove tangles better than conventional brushes, and each one comes with a mirror built into its lid. I toss this in my bag every day and whip it out when I need to put pigtails in my daughter’s hair or smooth my mane before a dinner date. Bonus points that it doubles as play food for my kid.


Eyes on the prize


My everyday eye shadow palette is a massive tin brick filled with dozens of colors to create a multitude of looks. Bringing this with me anywhere is a major pain, not to mention total overkill. This eight-color Essential Eye Palette from Stowaway Cosmetics is the size of a credit card and contains four shimmer and four matte shades, plus a double-ended brush. You easily can change your look from day to night by adding shimmer or contour. Use darker colors as eyeliner by pressing powder into the lash line. This is my drop-off-line morning must-have because doing eye makeup before I leave the house is often impossible.


Dress it up


With the rising costs of checked baggage on airlines, many people are trying to cram everything into their carry-on. It can be pretty tough to force five looks into a bag the size of a watermelon, but there are particular pieces that can make miracles happen. The Poppet is a wrinkle-resistant dress that folds into an attached water-repellent, tear-proof pocket. When you unfold it and wear the dress, you can even stash your important travel docs in the hidden pocket. I keep this in my car in case I have a wardrobe malfunction (usually due to one of my children spilling something down the front of my outfit). Since the dress is a basic black wrap, you can dress it up or down and disguise it in order to wear on repeat.


Happy travels, no matter the distance or destination!


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