Trash to treasure

Art can be made from absolutely anything. Children intuitively know this-think lipstick portraits on the living room wall. Adults seem to forget that art can have humble beginnings.

Before you buy expensive art supplies, see what you can find at home. Your recycling bin is a fabulous (and cost effective) resource for craft materials. Plus, using recycled items is a wonderful way to stretch your child’s imagination and creativity, while also teaching him to live a little “greener.” Next time you are about to toss something into the recycling bin, ask yourself, “Could we use this to make something fun or interesting?”

Turn old socks, cardboard tubes and plastic lids into fun craft projects.

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Make a mini Olympic torch in 5 minutes

Homemade Olympic medal

Cardboard sock characters

Slithering snake craft for kids

Real snakes probably are not your favorite animal, butthese super cute (and super simple) coiled cardboard snakes areeasy to love. This project is a great example of how just a fewreally basic, simple craft supplies can be transformed into acreative and fun activity for the preschool and toddlerset.

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