Trains! Trains! Trains!

Ever since he was a teensy baby, Daniel has adored trains. He was born in London: I attribute my water breaking and the start of labor pains to a bumpy Tube ride. And for the first few months of his life we rode the Central line everywhere: I remember him being lulled to sleep in his snuggli – relaxed and even comforted – by the crowded, noisy Tube. So it’s no surprise that Daniel loves trains. While he no longer plays with his Thomas and Friends very often, he is still fascinated by all forms of public transportation involving trains.
Yesterday, we visited the Christmas train show at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Admission is free, and you can always find parking in the nearby side streets off Clark. Take off your coats and enjoy the warm, fresh-spruce scented, oxygen-rich air as you watch tiny trains make their way through flowery forests, over rivers and lakes.
Other sites in Chicago for train lovers:
  • The Choo-Choo Cafein Desplaines. I always take Daniel to this retro diner around his birthday, where hamburgers and candle-topped cupcakes are served via miniature train.
  • The DuPage Historical Museumwhere 2,000 feet of miniature tracks highlight the history of the western suburbs.
  • The John Hancock HolidayRailroadisthethe perfect stop to appease the kids while you get your holiday shopping done on Michigan Avenue!
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