Meredith goes to the NYC Toy Fair

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing all of the funtastic playthings I discovered at this year’s Toy Fair in NYC.

Again, I felt a bit like an undercover spy getting a first glimpse at all the toys and games your kids are going to be scratching down on their birthday and holiday wish lists in the coming year.

I was thrilled to be sponsored by Razor as their “playful mom”, which meant I got to test out and play with all of their cool products at whim. But I also ran around to the other booths with my handy press pass, which allowed me access to the hidden collections of other top toy makers as well. I’ll be bringing all of it to you throughout the next couple weeks!

Today, I’m sharing the Flash Rider 360, this generations kicked-up answer to the beloved Big Wheel many of us grew up with. So, without further verbiage…he’s a look.

The Flash Rider is available NOW in all of your favorite big box stores, including Target, and Walmart. You can also order it at

And when your kids go in to take a nap or have lunch…get on that thing, invoke your inner 8 year old, and burn up the sidewalk for yourself.

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