Top tips for trips to the emergency room

Nobody wants to take their baby to the emergency room, but it’s a fact of life at some point.

Dr. Nick Jouriles, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, says being prepared can make a stressful situation much better. Here’s how:

  • Plan ahead. Where is the closest emergency department? How would you get there in an emergency?
  • Bring their medications, immunization records, medical records and contact information for doctors who may have treated them.
  • Have a list of any allergies they may have.
  • Don’t let your baby eat or drink anything.
  • Bring a bag in case they are admitted. This bag should include a change of clothes, pajamas and favorites objects such as a small toy, a favorite blanket, a book or stuffed animal.
  • If someone is watching your child, make certain they have a consent form in the event of an emergency. You can download one here from
  • Stay calm. Don’t add stress to an already stressful situation.

Source: American College of Emergency Physicians

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