Tissue flowers

Turn tissue paper you already have lying around the house into giant paper flowers. Allergy-free!


  1. Begin by evenly lining up six sheets of tissue paper in frontof you.
  2. Starting with the side closest to you, press the paper into1-inch folds (like an accordian). Be sure to press each fold veryflat.
  3. Find the exact center of the folded paper and secure that spotwith a pipe cleaner. Trim the ends of the pipe cleaner withscissors.
  4. Tie one end of a decorative ribbon around the center to makeyour paper flower easier to hang once it is completed.
  5. Use scissors to make a curved petal shape at the end of eachside of the folded paper.
  6. Carefully unfold the pleats of the tissue paper and shape theminto the petals of a flower.


  • Tissue paper (various colors)
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • ribbon
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