The child slang dictionary for cool moms

Last week, I dropped my kindergartener off at school. Instead of the usual hug and kiss, she bid goodbye to me with a dab and then threw up the double peace sign. I told her to have a nice day and she said it would be “dime.” In that moment, I wondered if I was raising a 6-year-old or 16-year-old. But more so, I wondered what the heck dime meant!?

So naturally, I consulted with all of the other parents in the drop off line and double checked my findings with Google (apparently, it means the best, on a one to ten rating scale, it is a ten). Nevertheless, no matter how cool of a parent we think we are, we will never fully master the art of being fluent in the ever-changing world of child slang. What was once “dope” and “rad” is now “Gucci” and “extra.” And don’t get me started on terms like “bae” or “on fleek”—just when I learned the meanings, they became “so 2018.”

Here are the definitions to some common child slang words so you can fit right in with the kiddos, until these words become overused and uncool tomorrow:

BOP: A good song, replacing “jam”

BRAH: A term of affection that can be used to describe boys, girls, parents, etc.


DIME: The best; on a rating scale, a 10.

EXTRA: Over the top, but not in a good way. Often used to describe someone who is trying too hard.

GOAT: Greatest of all time

GUCCI: Something that’s good

HUNDO P: 100 percent

JOMO: Don’t confuse JOMO with its FOMO opposite. JOMO stands for the joy of missing out (whereas FOMO is the fear of missing out).

LIT: Cool

RATCHET: Someone that’s annoying or rude

RIDES: Sneakers, shoes, kicks – you get the idea

SALTY: To act cranky or upset

SAVAGE: Someone who does something without worrying about the consequences

SHOOK: To feel scared or fearful

SIP TEA: Another way to say “mind your own business”

SHIP: Derivative of relationship; another way to refer to your boyfriend or girlfriend

SPILL TEA: To talk behind someone’s back

SKURT: To leave (not to be confused with last year’s word ‘ghost’)

SNATCHED: The new way to say someone is fashionable or on point

STAN: A super-obsessed celebrity fan

SUH: The new way to say what’s up

TEA: The latest gossip

THROW SHADE: Say something negative about another person

TOPE: Awesome; a mix of the words “totally” and “dope”

WEAK: To be entertained or amused

WIG: What you say when something crazy happens (It originated from the thought of a wig flying off your head)

WOKE: A term used to describe someone who is socially or politically aware

YAS: Yes (said with extreme excitement)

Don’t sip tea! If you have more tope words or phrases to add, let us know in the comments below!

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