Six must-have tech items for Chicago moms

Want to connect with all things next in tech but don’t know where to start? Don’t get frazzled. Get off the eight track and onto the fast track with the gizmos, gadgets and gear that will make you the hottest mom on the dock.

These savvy finds are designed to help you connect.

Expecting? Start connecting. Studies show a baby’s hearingdevelops in utero at 20 weeks, memory at 30 weeks. This unexpectedtech allows you to connect with your little one before she’s evenborn. Bellybuds Baby Bump Sound System plays sound directly to thewomb. Even invite family and friends to record messages you canplay back for the baby at VoiceShare, a free online recordingplatform. Starts at $49.99,

Turn your phone into Rosie from the Jetsons, sort of. Slip in aniPhone and ROMO the robot will roam around your house. Train him todo tricks, recognize your face, follow motion commands – even chasea rolling basketball. You control the programming through freedownloaded apps. And get this: Faraway relatives or a travelingparent can log in to even send ROMO into your little one’s room fora goodnight kiss. $149,

Roving robot

A true tech mama knows when to pull the plug and connect withher family face to face. Kitchen Safe – a see-through plasticcontainer with a battery-operated time lock – helps. Gather thosegadgets and phones, set the time, close the lid and it’s familytime until the timer reaches zero. And when it’s locked, you’reblocked. No sneaking in just one last email. $49,

When you are ready to unplug

Stream movies straight from your phone onto a blank wall withPocket Projector for iPhone by Brookstone. Just click in yourphone, point and presto – you get a 50-inch projection. A fun andeasy way to entertain kids on the road. $119,

Get the big picture—off the wall

Da. Da. Da-Da… CHARGE!! If you’re like me, you are always out ofjuice. Buy a little borrowed time with Jackery, a sleek externalbattery that fully charges your phone and tablet on the go. Keep220 fresh battery hours in your back pocket and you’re alwaysplugged in! Starts at $79,

You’ll get a charge out of this

Look the part! Keep all those gizmos and gadgets close to thevest with ScotteVest, technology-enabled clothing. Their cutejackets, vests and fleeces all have 20-plus smart pockets that keepyour gear safely tucked-on the inside. Prices vary,

Get vested for tech

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