Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas and printables from Pinterest

When talking with a friend recently, I likened gifts during teacher appreciation week like homework. We wondered if sending the gift too late in the week would look like we had “forgotten” or that the teacher wasn’t appreciated. With a busy weekend, I decided to send the gift on Thursday since Charlie attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I turned to my trusty Pinterest account and started searching. I saw one friend thanking their child’s teacher “a latte”. Others put together gardening kits or a chalkboard planter – “Thanks for Helping me Grow!”.

In all honestly, I had patience for neither the store nor the painting.

My search turned to compilation pins – the ones where a blogger takes some of the best ideas, rounds them up and links to them like this onefrom The Country Chic Cottage.

I even saw cute variations of product placement such as All detergent or these FANTA-stic soda favors.

You could also do a crayon wreath, pencil vase or any of a number of other cute & crafty ideas.

A friend posted on her Facebook page asking teachers what they wanted from their students this week. A few of the answers included, ‘Respect!,’ ‘Potted Plants!,’ ‘cleaning supplies,’ and the list goes on.

Realizing that I was running out of time (and frankly energy), I stumbled upon this pinwhich led to a free printable. Now I know what you’re thinking – the Chicago Parent Pin It! queen didn’t make an entire diorama of the teacher’s classroom out of crayons? The answer is no.

I printed out each printable (two teachers) and laminated them so that they were sturdy at my local FedEx shop for $2.49. I cut them out, snagged some Target gift cards, had Charlie write a note himself complete with cutesy picture and called it a day.

I can’t wait for the teachers to receive their useful gift tomorrow! (And see, I had to use Pinterest to get the printables anyway!) What are your favorite teacher gift ideas as we wrap up the school year? Tag us!

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