The best places to get tacos with kids in Chicago

All tacos are not created equal. And all local taquerías in Chicago certainly are not equally suited to family visits (think long lines, margarita-swilling happy hour-goers or super spicy dishes). However, the city is home to many delicious taco establishments that welcome you and your tortilla-loving brood. Here are some of your best bets.

All tacos are not created equal. And not all taco spots are great for kids. Here are our five favorite family-friendly taco joints.

Co-owner Ashley Ortiz says, “Antique Taco is a casual but creative setting with farmers market tacos. The menu is small, but we pack in lots of flavor with each item.”

Family-friendly features: The tacos come in pairs of two so they are made to share. Ortiz recommends visiting during the more casual lunch hour if you have a large group with kids.

Kid-friendly menu items: “Kids love the chips and guacamole and the ribeye taco with cheese only. A horchata milkshake is always a great way to end the meal,” says Ortiz.

Antique Taco

This modern-day taquería turns out hand-pressed, made-to-order tacos with fresh and inventive ingredients.

Family-friendly features: The tacos are served a la carte so families can order up a variety to share (platter of eight tacos for $28). Go early and try to score a table in the quieter back room. During weekdays, you can stop in for lunch in a more casual (and budget-friendly) setting.

Kid-friendly menu items: Standouts include the tres queso tacos and pulled pork tamales.

De Cero

This isn’t your everyday taco stand. In fact, you can only get one of Rubi’s popular tacos on Sundays. “These are tacos for people who love meat,” says Evelyn Ramirez, the owner’s daughter. “Everything is made on site so it is the freshest it can be.”

Family-friendly features: The market offers a fun family environment, and a taco lunch is just one part of the experience.

Kid-friendly menu items: The menu is the same every Sunday and features lots of variety. Top sellers include the al pastor and grilled steak. Ramirez notes that kids especially love the steak tacos and plain quesadillas.


This location has an extremely loyal customer-base that has indulged at the family-owned taco stop for more than 40 years.

Family-friendly features: This place is cheap and casual. The menu is simple. The decor is basically non-existent. But you and your kids are welcome, and everyone will leave with a full belly.

Kid-friendly menu items: The carne asada is the most popular item for kids and adults alike.

La Pasadita

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