9 tips to have the most epic superhero birthday party

Do you have your very own superhero whose birthday is coming up? My son just recently celebrated his birthday with none other than a superhero theme, so I’ve got ideas up the wazoo! Some are super simple and the others may need a little bit more work, but they all will result in an epic bash!



Send super invites

As they say, invitations set the mood for the party, so why not invite them the superhero way? I created my own invitation in the form of a newspaper and it was pretty easy! There are plenty of cute superhero invites on Etsy, but I love these envelopes with comic book lining.

Dress up

Gather up your own gang of superheroes by having them dress up in their favorite superhero costumes. We simply asked our guests to dress up for the party. The pictures of everyone rocked!

Super grub

Kryptonite Krispies, Thor Hammer snacks made of cheese and pretzels, or green Hulk Punch. Here are 25 more ideas for Superhero Food.

Holy cake Batman

Have a baker decorate the cake or cupcakes in your kids’ favorite superheros or keep it simple with cake toppers.

Work on décor

You can probably spend hours and hours browsing Pinterest for ideas–believe me, I’m guilty of this. Some of my favorites include superhero banners, tags and signs. Or you can cheat and reach out for a little help. Jennifer from Printy Little Things put these awesome superhero banners, posters and cutouts for my son’s birthday.

Superhero skills

Have someone dress up in costume and train the budding superheroes on how to become a superhero. Imagination Princess Parties (more than just princesses, of course) can have your favorite superhero train your little ones, play games and take pictures at the party.

Games galore

A party with superhero games? Just awesome! Grab silly string and set up a web slinging station or dress up a few Frisbees or paper plates as Captain America shields.

Say cheese

Having a photobooth is almost always a guaranteed success. Save cardboard and make the skyline as your backdrop. Print off some superhero sayings and masks, and use them as props. Or gather some extra costumes you have lying around and have your guests wear them.

Choose an awesome venue

Who am I kidding? Throwing a party is hard work! I didn’t feel guilty at all for having someone else do the heavy lifting. I worked with Odyssey Play Place in Palatine and from ordering an awesome cake from a local mom and having Spider-Man stop by, to working on all those little bitty details that we moms love, they went above and beyond to make the day super special for my little man.

Read all about our most epic superhero party here.

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