Chicago wellness consultant: Superbugs and overuse of antibiotics threaten us all

My in-box is continuously flooded with parents seeking alternative solutions for “modern medicine” that is not working for their ailing child. I do firmly believe there is a time and place for modern medicine. I am grateful if I break a bone, doctors can fix it. I am grateful if I need surgery, doctors are there. And I was extremely grateful that doctors saved my life and my son’s life when my uterus ruptured during birth.

What has me fired up, though, is the overuse of antibiotics that is going to be the demise of our population. Yes, nasty little superbugs are taking over our health because doctors have overprescribed antibiotics for every little cough and sniffle. My children have not been on antibiotics EVER (except during my son’s birth, which I firmly believe is why he has so many gut issues today).

When my daughter was 18 months old, we took her to the ER with stomach flu. She hadn’t had a wet diaper in 24 hours and it scared me. I was giving her coconut water to keep up her electrolytes; it was the only thing she could keep in her stomach. They looked at me like I had three heads. They gave her Pedialyte. She threw it right back up. (This prompted me to make my own Homemade Pedialyte Recipe). After the ER, I went straight to my chiropractor who gave her some adjustments and suggested some sesame oil around her sinus cavity. That, plus a detox bath recipe a friend gave me, and she was eating and drinking within 12 hours. All I got out of the ER trip was overpriced Pedialyte and an oversized bill.

So when my kids get sick, we go straight to my chiropractor. I’d much rather fork out money to see her than another uneventful trip to the ER. She is mom of two who will do anything to keep her patients healthy naturally.

When my son was 9 months old he had an odd fever for a few days and I took him to the doctor. It was an ear infection. After the diagnosis, I called my chiropractor who gave him an adjustment to release the pressure so the fluids could move through and a homeopathic solution from Whole Foods did the trick. It worked again when he had another ear infection three months later.

When I see articles like this come up on my newsfeed, ” Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances, experts warn” you better believe it pisses me off that we have become a nation of drug happy Americans. “A pill for your ill” is what one doctor is saying.

But why has it come to this? We are just beginning to see the dangers of these superbugs. Only we can change these outcomes. The problem is our generation only knows about antibiotics and we fear using alternative medicines because it is not taught anymore.

But you know what chronic use of antibiotics causes us? A lifetime of digestive issues that lead to chronic constipation (which is a growing epidemic with kids, in my opinion), food allergies or food sensitivities, behavior issues and more ear infections, sinus infections, skin rashes (eczema and psoriasis), autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression and being more prone to colds and flus.

Here are some facts to think about:

  • About 60 to 70 percent of people with sinus infections recover without antibiotics, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines that ask doctors NOT to prescribe antibiotics for an ear infection; they advise they seek alternate solutions for each child.
  • The Lancet found Azithromycin was no more effective than vitamin C in patients with acute bronchitis.
  • The “Physician’s Desk Reference” clearly states that antibiotics should not be prescribed unless a culture reveals the presence of a bacterial infection.(How many of you go home with a prescription for a drug without a positive culture?)
  • Antibiotics do not have the capacity to get into the cell when a virus is present. This is why you cannot get an antibiotic for a cold, flu or any other virus.
  • In France, French med students are required to study aromatherapy and use essential oils as direct patient care. It is covered and recognized in their healthcare system. Makes me thankful that all is not lost in the world of “farm”acy.

If you are a little unsure on where you can begin switching out a few things in your medicine cabinet, hop on over to my Facebook page for tips and tricks. Meanwhile, this article on Use This and Not That in Your Medicine Cabinet is a good start to green up your medicines.

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