Summer camp style for Chicago moms

Each year as the weather warms and children are unleashed from the confines of their classrooms, masses of moms prepare for their kids’ departure to summer camp.

Last year was my son’s first experience at overnight camp and I’ve listened to endless tales of “epic” hikes, nightly bonfires and long days spent riding horses and shooting arrows into things. I’m longing for someone to open a summer camp for moms.

But since I’m left packing the bag, I’ve tracked down some summer camp-inspired gear that will at least allow us moms to assume the role of happy campers, too.

Since mom’s left packing the bag, we’ve tracked down some summer camp-inspired gear that make you a happy camper, too.

I just discovered these ultra lightweight checkered shirtsat L.L. Bean and they scream to be knotted in
front over a white tank top or worn alone in all their Mary
Ann-from-Gilligan’s Island glory. Pair one with white jeans or
rolled up denims and you are the picture of campfire girl chic. I
think these shirts are perfect for shuffling your kids from
camptivity to camptivity this summer or for a festive cookout in
the backyard. $34.50,

The perfect camp shirt

I dig anything called a satchel. Add the classic style ofa Native American blanket and a place to put lipstick and I’m allin. I think this is the ideal cross-body bag for all of oursummertime debris. It comes in two colors, brown and red. I thinkone must go red. $39.99, UrbanOutfitters

Ecote Blanket Structured Lady Satchel

If you’re a mom, you make lists. And while you may now domost of your memos digitally, sometimes you just need paper. Thesevintage agricultural memo books are a down and dirty way to keeptrack of your daily grind, from crops you need to harvest totreasures you find just below the surface. Comes in a set of threejournals, one lined, one with graph paper and one blank. $12,

Field Notes Journals

Walk softly and carry a big stick (for s’mores). I boughta pair of these fantastically comfy moccasins in the North Woods ofWisconsin a few summers ago and they’re still my go-to summer funshoe. Paired with white cropped denims, summer skirts, shorts orrolled up jeans, they add instant woodsy charm to yoururban/suburban adventures. They come in a bunkhouse of colors, butI’m partial to the classic light brown. Go ahead girls, get yourPocahontas ON! $39.99,

This bit of Robin Hood bling adds playful whimsy to any get-up.They’re from a brilliant little site called The Curiosity Shoppe.$16,

Arrow Earrings

I adore the look of hair pulled back in a bandana, but I oftenend up looking like I’m 6 or a rapper with a messed up doo-rag.That’s why I’m loving these no-fail bandana headbands. Tons ofcolors to choose from and no assembly required. Done. $7.99,


If you haven’t wandered into Renegade Handmade in Chicago’sWicker Park, you are missing some serious awesome. Named for theRenegade Craft Fair, this shop is home to one-of-a-kind goods,including these stunning Birch Bark Cuff bracelets. Save thisknotty bobble for a grown-up garden party or summer date night.$45, Renegade Handmade, 1924 W. Division St.,

Bark Cuff

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