Clothes for pregnant women

Meredith Sinclair says you can still be stylish, even when you’re pregnant.

If you’ve found yourself all knocked up this season and arewondering how to keep a sense of style as your tummy goes from flatto flourishing, then I’ve curated this column just for you!

Here are my top five ways to help you keep the frump away fromyour bump.

This may be the most unexpected thing to happen to the expectingin a very long time. Say hello to skinny jeans that embrace thebaby belly! Bravo to The Gap for creating these nude demi-paneleddenims in three yummy colors so even pregnant girls can stayon-trend and skinny legged. The fact that the panel is skin-tonedmeans it also works with sheer tops and tanks a whole lot better aswell.

Gap Demi Panel, Always Skinny Jeans, in fuschia, redand white, $69.99

1) Skinny jeans for the non-skinny

Whether you are the one expecting or need a gift for someone whois, this Citrus Lane gift box curated by author and style expertAmy Tara Koch is the perfect thing.This box of treats is designedespecially for the expectant mom and includes an assortment ofessentials for ultimate pampering, with goodies like Mama Mio TummyRub Stretch Mark Butter, Psi Bands, Zoe Organics Face Wash, andVosges chocolates.

$65 per box with free shipping, available through June 15,

2) Box of treats for expectant moms

The last time I was ™with child,? swimwear was limited to basictent-like tanks or suits with big ol’ puckered pouches in thefront. Not cute. Well, it’s a new day and anything goes at thepool. How great are pregnant chicks in bikinis BTW? Here is a suitI think rocks the fetal position party from the way-cool onlinestore,

Jenni Tankini, $98

3) Swim suits for pregnant women

Summer means plenty of outdoor parties, weddings and familygatherings. And every girl with a gestating gut needs a prettyparty dress. This one from Target will make you and your bump feelbeautiful, without breaking the bank.

Merona Maternity One Shoulder Rosette Dress, in a slew ofsummer’s favorite colors like ocean blue, plum and pink,$39.99

4) Party dress for expectant mothers

If you really want to kick it into high style this season, takea browse around the little slice of awesome that is My favorite piece is this
silk jumper that goes from preggers to not-preggers beautifully.
Playfully chic, it’s a treat you’ll wear for years, which helps
make the $258 price tag a bit more justifiable.

Pregnant? You can still splurge on style

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