9 uses for candy canes


Every holiday season, my husband buys candy canes in bulk. While we love them, you can only eat so much peppermint, so I’m always challenged to find other uses for the red-and-white-striped treats.




Yet candy canes are an iconic addition to the season and can easily be incorporated in the fun, especially if you find a few more ways that they are “mint” to be used.


Here are nine to get your thinker started on all the possibilities.

As ornaments

Have a Christmas tree that could use a little sprucing? Add a few candy canes. These are always a must on our tree and also add a great smell. Plus, who doesn’t love sneaking them off the tree to eat? The best part: Replenishing them is simple and inexpensive.

In a hot cocoa bar

Hosting a holiday gathering? Put together a hot cocoa bar that’s sure to wow. Crush up candy canes, include pieces of fudge or chopped up chocolate, whip up some homemade whipped cream, and use candy canes for stirrers. Guests will love building the perfect mug of homemade chocolate brew and it makes for a great tablescape for your get-together.

Random notes of kindness

Want to spread a little Christmas merri-MINT? Use candy canes to leave notes of encouragement and kindness wherever you go. Leave them in dressing rooms, give them to harried cashiers or surprise your mailman with little minty notes. Candy canes are the perfect treat and pair well with kindness.

As a sweet treat

Candy canes add a little flavor to just about anything you bake them with. Whip up a Double Chocolate Peppermint cheesecake, use them as “sprinkles” on mini ice cream sandwiches, swirl them around in a peppermint milkshake or use them as a layer in a special cake you bake. Desserts will never be the same once you add this minty flair.

As a hostess gift

Surprise a hostess with a vase that you’ve wrapped in candy canes. Line up the candy canes around the vase (or glue with a small dot of hot glue), hooks pointing outward, tie around the center with a ribbon and add a batch of fresh flowers for a festive addition to her table as a centerpiece.

Front door wreaths

Pinterest has countless diagrams and shape ideas, and creating any kind of candy cane wreath can be a beautiful addition to your holiday decor. Put them together in a way that suits your style and hang from a ribbon by your front door. You might also consider giving one of them as a gift to that hard-to-buy-for family member, your child’s teacher or a friend to spread a little holiday cheer.

Decorative sleds

Put two candy canes together to make a cute little sled for gingerbread houses or to place marshmallow snowmen. Not only is this decor adorable, but it’s also edible and simple to create. You might also top them with candy and bag up as a favor for your child’s classroom holiday party.


Dip the ends of your candy canes in chocolate and pair with a mug and your favorite hot cocoa blend. These make perfect, inexpensive gifts for teachers and as a last-minute grab bag presents when you add a ribbon and a tag. Plus, the candy cane doubles as a stirrer.

Homemade bath products

Body scrubs, lip balm, and homemade soaps are just a few of the things you can make when you incorporate candy canes. Recipients will love the sweet, minty smell of their favorite holiday treat in personalized bath products. Make some for friends, but be sure to keep some for yourself. Use Mason jars and other creative glassware to make it show-off-worthy.

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